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Who is the Anti Robot Militia
Who is the Anti-Robot Militia?
What is the Anti - Robot Militia
What is the Anti-Robot Militia?
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Mankind First — ARM's positions on the issues
Know Thy Enemy
Know Thy Enemy.
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NEWS from the Front.
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Heroes and martyrs.
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Live free, or die a slave. Your choice.VOTE NO on MANN II!

welcome to the anti - robot militia site

Welcome to the Anti-Robot Militia

Welcome to the Anti Robot Militia Site

Unite and Resist!
Join fellow ARM members at a rally near you!
ARM is sponsoring rallies in three cities to recruit new members and to show you ways to help further the cause!
See Members Only Page for more details.

Robo-thugs should be reported directly to the
Sentient Property Crime Bureau.

If the SPCB can't get there in time, your duty is clear.