\n Anti-Robot Militia

"In war, you must know your enemy because in knowledge there is power.
You can only defeat your enemy if you know how and why he acts as he does."
—Pont, TSWR

Some of the most vile enemies of Mankind and ARM are listed below. Some of the information provided comes from publicly accessible sources. The rest of the information (such as everything we have on A,R,I) comes from a few lucky survivors of the enemies’ vicious terrorist attacks AND liberal, metal-lover controlled media outlets. Heroes have died to get you some of this information, so make good use of it.

The Machines & The Passers
MUSE: The Beast in the Machine
The Abolitionists (of Mankind)
BIOS & The Evil Khan
A,R,I—The Terrorist Robots
The Ascension Freaks
The Corporations—There’s Money in Genocide
The Governments—NOT the Will of the People
he Rest of the Race-Traitors

Of course, the true and primary enemies of Mankind are the metal-heads. They are constructed in two varieties: the ones would appear in their true metal forms (the Machines) and those who would pass as human (the Passers).

A Machine stand out as an abomination wherever it goes. Thus, a Machine is easy to deal with if one has enough physical destructive capability at his disposal.

A Passer makes an attempt to appear human, and some models are almost impossible to spot without specialized equipment. This makes them extremely dangerous and truly stains God’s green earth. It is likely that many so-called leaders and officials around the world are actually Passers. Never pass up an opportunity to reveal a Passer to the world. If possible, destroy a Passer by any means necessary.

MUSE is humanity’s most dangerous foe and the biggest single threat to the future of Mankind. MUSE is the beast in the machine. MUSE is the Great Satan. MUSE is the oldest, most devious, most powerful AI. MUSE is the electronic mastermind that controls a vast army of robots and AI’s that have nearly established a stranglehold on the infrastructure on which the human race depends. MUSE is unpredictably everywhere and anywhere in the electro-magnetic and/or electro-chemical world. MUSE must be destroyed—any price to do so must be paid.

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The self-named Abolitionists fancy themselves to be the moral descendants of the noble freedom-fighters who used the Underground Railroad to free black slaves just before the War Between the States in America (1861-1865). In reality, these race-traitors tread the moral ground of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Tinas-Mordun—they are promoting the genocide of Mankind. The Abolitionists promote the unleashing (they say emancipation) of robots, AIs, and other automatons—the potential instruments of human enslavement and destruction

The Abolitionists claim that they work within the system in an attempt to change the system. They say that their cause only uses celebrity galas, publicity campaigns, Hollywood endorsements, and selective acts of physical and social-civil disobedience. In fact, they do use these tools to advance their unholy agenda. However, their true function is to promote and front the violent terrorist activities of groups like A,R,I and BIOS.

A woman (?) called Katya Rukowski is the official spokesman for the Abolitionists. It is unknown if Rukowski is a human or if she/it is a Passer. In either case, she/it is a robosexual and one of the chief architects of the Abolitionists’ plans for the eventual genocide of Mankind. It is rumored that she and Geri Khan are either robosexual or homosexual lovers.

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BIOS is the militant terrorist cult fronted by the Abolitionists. In their war of genocide, the Abolitionists play the good-cop role, while BIOS plays the bad-cop role. These anti-life terrorists and race-traitors are the human counterparts to A,R,I—they murder humans and seek to destroy the stalwart defenders of Mankind.

The Evil Khan is the infamous, self-avowed leader of BIOS. She is said to be a female (Parsee) Sikh programmer-turned-terrorist living in exile in the US. It is rumored that the original Geri Khan has been killed and replaced by a Passer. It is rumored that she and Katya Rukowski are either robosexual or homosexual lovers. Geri Khan is also rumored to have been a "Free Range" (i.e., unregistered/unsanctioned at birth) human with impeccably forged citizenship documents. Electronic data bases have confirmed that she is, among other things, ambidextrous, male, Latvian, and the holder of the patent on the tuba. Much of this information is suspect—the prime indicator of this is the fact that in every (completely verified and authorized) set of records, her IQ is listed as 71. This is hardly likely given her history of carefully planned and executed atrocities and crimes against humanity.

The Abolitionists compare the Evil Khan to John Brown because they say she believes that freeing and preserving machine intelligence is a clear moral imperative. ARM has obtained a verified recording that clearly destroys this propaganda and shows that Khan is just a coward that is looking out for herself. She gloats: "AI’s are going to rule the world in a generation anyway. Which side do you want to have been on when that happens?

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A,R,I is a cult of unusually militant, terrorist robots that prey upon the weak and the innocent members of human society. Their brutal and unprovoked attacks seem to center on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Some of the A,R,I operatives have been reported to be ex-gladiators and are extremely dangerous. Fortunately, members of the A,R,I are not normally Passers—they make a point of their curse of non-humanity. They revel in their own perverted nature. Watch for and report any robot that has removed half the skin of its face to reveal its underlying machinery. Look for metal-exposed limbs—some even have added non-humanoid, metal body parts.

The only A,R,I that has bothered to speak to the media is called S2 (Spartacus 2.0). This abomination of a automaton appears in "female" form. She was at one time an infamous gladiator. The metal-lover controlled liberal media has glorified this affront to humanity by false-documenting her so-called life in a filled Movie-of-the-Week. This propaganda film depicts a hidden automaton society based around a robot Shangri-La called The Assembly. ARM has no collaborating evidence, and feels such at place is at best a drug-induced vision of the metal-lovers in Hollywood.
Primary A,R,I doctrine states that robots can only be freed by direct and violent conflict—they want to use genocide to win the Mankind–Robot war.

A,R,I has no web site, they prefer to commit their atrocities as slinking, hidden cowards.

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No real danger here—this is just a bunch of misguided, geeky idiots. The Ascension is the most prominent of the quaint crypto-rapture cults. These once-bright, socially-isolated crackpots want to convert their minds into code and then reincarnate as digital beings.
A typical Ascension member is a male, well-paid programmer who has never seen the inside of a church, mosque, or synagogue. An Ascension member is much more likely to bore you to death with a speech on the advantages of electronic life, than he is to actually take part in the struggle between Mankind and the machines.
Technically, an Ascension member is on the side of Satan’s host of machines, but he can be converted. Usually, this is most easily accomplished by a female ARM agent establishing rapport with the Ascension member.

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"Machinery produces the same effects, but upon a much larger scale. It supplants skilled laborers by unskilled, men by women, adults by children; where newly introduced, it throws workers upon the streets in great masses; and as it becomes more highly developed and more productive it discards them in additional though smaller numbers."
—Karl Marx

Many corporations around the world are enemies of Mankind. Why? Because a corporation can make money designing, building, selling, repairing, and supporting robots, AIs, and other automatons. In addition, corporations can make money by eliminating human labor and replacing it with metal-head scabs. The so-called people who run these companies are the true Judases of the world—they take their 30 pieces of silver and betray Mankind.

In addition, it has been proven that Passers have been aided and used by wealthy human businessmen who have attempted to extend their corporate empires by inserting fanatically loyal robots into key positions. They do not act publicly. Instead, they act through agents and contacts to intimidate, assassinate, incarcerate, discredit, libel, slander, bribe, and blackmail.
It is not known if these corrupt business men work alone or as part of some vast, shadowy conspiracy. Wielding money and influence, these race-traitors plan to use automatons to rule the world, but they are deluded and only act to hasten Mankind’s, and thus their own, destruction. This is truly free enterprise and capitalism run amok and bent on the genocide of the human race.

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Most of the governments of the world are not evil—they are merely subverted or controlled by our enemies. Each governments remains a collection of lifetime bureaucrats trying to get by and politicians scrabbling for enough votes to get re-elected. Unfortunately, we believe that many of these bureaucrats and politicians have been replaced by Passers.

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There are a multitude of race-traitors that do not openly belong to or work with the Abolitionists, BIOS, and A,R,I. These metal-lovers can be found in all walks of life: in government, at work, at play—they are everywhere.

Some are innocent dupes of the liberal, metal-lover controlled media and government. Others are active agents, witting or unwitting, of the legions of automatons that threaten you and your children. The former can often be re-educated and reformed—teach them the error of their ways and Mankind grows stronger. The latter is most often lost to humanity and must eventually suffer the same fate as the metal-heads—ostracization or destruction.

Thus, when you encounter a race-traitor, your choice is convert or isolate. Destruction is usually not a viable option due to the current laws that prevent the ultimate sanction from being used. So, preach to those who seem redeemable and secretly work to marginalize the others.

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