\n Anti-Robot Militia

What is the Anti-Robot Militia (ARM)? The Anti-Robot Militia not only works to oppose the incorporation of Robots, AIs, and automatons into our world; it also stands for a comprehensive view of a simpler way of life. Its goals have not been chosen arbitrarily in reaction to current social or economic problems; instead they follow naturally from a consistent ideology.

ARM is a for profit, do-what-it-takes, human rights promotional organization. ARM works for and demands the god-given rights and special privileges that humans should enjoy with respect to the so called: sentient machines.

Details on the major principles of ARM can be found here!

General Goals

• Preserving the Natural Order — Mankind First

• Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Men

• Upholding the Right to Bear Arms

• Enforcing God’s Law of Inequality

• Prosecuting the Crimes of the Powers that Be

• Ensuring the Survival of Mankind

• Repeal of the Sentient Property Protection Laws

• Solving the Robosexual Problem

• Promoting a Hierarchy of Responsibilities

• A Human Society

• A Minimization of Reliance on Machines

• A Responsible Government

• A New Educational System

• An Economic Policy Based on Human Labor Principles